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5 Success Stories

Below you will find five unique success stories that required us to jump into the trenches, connect the dots, and make big things happen quickly from naming to funding to naming. We lit the fuse and delivered remarkable outcomes that sparked multi-billion dollar track records, IPO's and awards.

SAN JOSE BIOCUBE: The modern lifescience incubator in San Jose.

We work with the largest life science incubators in Silicon Valley, The San Jose BioCube. With With more than $4B in acquisitions and funding, they are home to a legacy of successful start-ups including Impossible Foods, Ariosa Diagnostics, Geneweave, Genia, Change Foods, Lucira Health, and Collagen Solutions.

Activities included: Re-vamp current outdated brand. This included: brand strategy, brand narrative, brand archetype work, logo update, brand book, website messaging, headlines, investor pitch decks, Life Science photoshoot, website design, back-end development, maintenance, Mural creation, social media orchestration, Transwestern SF sales team suport, PR, and on-going CMO services. 2016-Present. Big Idea: We do the little things, so you can do the big things. To see what's new visit: BioCube Website.

Connecting people, capital and ideas.

Backed by behemoth Deutsche Telekom, DTCP invests to accelerate digital transformation and create a diverse, equal and carbon-neutral digital society. The firm has raised more than $2.0 billion with more than 70 portfolio companies since inception. In partnership with Edelman PR, Jane and her team were hired to launch the high-profile brand from ground zero. Jane was retained for seven years from 2015-2022 to oversee the digital US brand.

Activities included: Brand strategy, narrative, brand archetype work, logo work, global brand book, website messaging, headlines, investor pitch decks, global photoshoot, website design and back-end development and maintenance. Big Idea: Connecting people, capital and ideas. To see what's new visit: DTCP Website.


By managing pallets sustainably, we help with carbon offsetting. We have an awareness of pallets from the point of production to consumption and return since we adhere to a closed-loop, circular economy model.

IONBLOX: Fossil-free mobility

Ionblox (previously known as Zenlabs Energy), a high-performance lithium-ion cell company, announced that it has closed a $24 million Series B investment round with Lilium, developer of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jet; Applied Ventures, LLC; Catalus Capital


Silkroad Medical: Enroute®

Silk Road Medical provides research and development services of medical devices for neurovascular diseases. Jane and Match Design launched the website, brand, messaging, corporate identity including the logo, event materials, sales tools, iconography, photography, and named the TCAR prouduct: Enroute®.

Results: $560M in funding, Successful IPO in 2019. FDA Approval of Enroute® Transcarotid Stent System in 22.


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