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On Zoom, we can share more case studies that may be more relevant to you. But for now, we've selected five different vertical case studies, for your review.


Who: BioCube's home to advanced R&D, drug development, clinical research, biologics, material science, cancer research, food tech, energy storage, clean tech, and sea technology.
Jane Lalonde and her team were hired to revive the brand, and help brand the 25+ clients and services within the hub.
How: Match delivered brand strategy, brand archetype work, messaging, corporate identity, logo, website design, client support, photoshoots, mural creation, social media, quarterly blogs, sales team support, pr and CMO services from 2016- to current day.
Results: With more than $4B in acquisitions and funding, BioCube brand make-over attracted tier-1 start-ups, generated high-conversion rates from the website and garnered high-profile pr stories and awards. As a result, client grew 440% in the last three years into the largest independent LifeSciences Incubator in CA.
Review: "Jane had me at hello. She is a force in Silicon Valley, so came highly recommended. She re-vamped our brand and ended up inspiring us all. She's is a powerhouse, so we hired her as our Chief Marketing Officer, too." --Tony G./ CEO of BioCube.


Who: Backed by Deutsche Telekom, DTCP invests in accelerating digital transformation and creating a carbon-neutral digital society.
What: Jane and her team launched the high-profile global brand from ground zero, and ran company website from 2016-2022. 
How: Match Design delivered brand strategy, brand archetype, brand narrative, corporate identity, logo, brand book, company website, pitch decks, and art directed a global photoshoot. Match also worked with  Edelman PR on the communications roll-out.
Results: DTCP rocketed to €2.2 billion assets under management, 60+ portfolio companies, and 100 partners, worldwide.
Review: "Jane is an exceptional marketing and communications strategist, creative director, and person. She's smart, fast, agile, ego-less, and intellectually powerful." --Robert M./Parter at DTCP


Who: Tessco enables a smarter, cleaner, and more connected IoT pallet ecosystem that safeguards essentials like food, electronics medicine, and vaccines --all with zero landfill waste.
What: During the height of Covid, Jane and her team were asked to launched the supply chain brand from ground zero in pursuit of a more connected and safer supply chain.
How: Match delivered brand strategy, brand archetype, brand narrative, market strategy, corporate identity, logo, brand book, company website, customer pitch decks, trade show booth, and product photoshoot. Match also launched Onvita with software and pallet management partners cargo sense and pallet alliance.
Results: Tessco has grown 200% and now works with multi-billion dollar high-profile customers in food, pharma, and electronics.
Review: "Jane brings a remarkable set of talents and combines her creativity with sharp business acumen. This is our third start-up with her leading the brand initiatives." --Greg H./ Founder Tessco


WHO: Ionblox (previously known as Zenlabs Energy), is a next-generation lithium-ion battery company. They make high-power cells for electric aviation, and fast-charge cells for EV's.
What: Jane and her team launched the high-profile global brand corporate identity which included naming, logo, and messaging.
How: Match Design delivered brand strategy, brand archetype, brand narrative, corporate identity, logo, brand book, company website support, pitch decks, air/land tagline, and asset creation.
Match also worked with  Silverline PR.
Results: After the re-name and re-brand they raised a $32 million Series B round. Their strategic investors include Lilium, Applied Ventures, Temasek, and Catalus Capital.
Review: "Jane came to us highly recommended by a previous partner. She conceived our new name Ionblox, which fits nicely with our product strategy." --Sujeet, CEO Ionblox.

Silkroad Medical: Enroute®

Who: Silk Road Medical is a medical device company that is focused on reducing the risk of stroke and its devastating impact.
What: Match was brought on to devise the corporate brand strategy, Silkroad logo, product naming, procedure naming,  website, global trade show materials, messaging and brand copy.
How: Match launched the website, brand, messaging, corporate identity including the logo, event materials, sales tools, iconography, photography, and named the TCAR product: Enroute® which eventually led to FDA approval and the IPO.
Result: Silk Road (Nasdaq: SILK) successfully went public in 2019 and is now worth $1.99B.
Review: "Jane is extremely creative, and we obtained outstanding results from working with her team." --Erica Rogers, CEO SilkRoad


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